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Other Services

*ImagePolish – Etiquette and personal image management service  that guarantees results.    We offer business and everyday etiquette, dining tutorials, and personal shopping, and styling.

Our etiquette programs and workshops focus on the art of exuding a polished style, the benefits of impeccable dining skills, and the value in living one’s life more comfortably and graciously.  Insightful information that guarantees results for our clients enables them to:

-Employ civility and decorum at all times
-Increase personal market value
-Feel comfortable in any professional or social setting
-Build self-esteem and enhance leadership qualities
-Reduce stress and channel energy in a productive manner
-Be knowledgeable of the professional competencies/core values expected by decision makers
-Attract and successfully sustain meaningful relationships
-Outclass the competition while contributing to one’s bottom line
-Leave a positive lasting impression

Click the link to ImagePolish to read more about this service.


*Professional Letter Writing  -  Often there’s a message to communicate and we just don’t know how to say it.  Our professional letter writing service does it for you with the result of delivering the message or yielding a response.

Letters we pen are for:

-Thank you
-Complaints, Concerns
-Remittance Request
-Service Request

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