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“The staff at Onyx Magazine is very fortunate to have Melva Akens as one of its columnists. Her contribution has added depth and credibility to the content of our publication. I am extremely pleased with her articles on business and personal etiquette. People seem to have forgotten about sensitivity toward others, Melva’s articles remind us of this responsibility.”
– Lillian Seays, Former Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Onyx Magazine

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We focus on the art of having a polished style, impeccable dining skills, and understanding the value in living life more comfortably and graciously. We enable clients to:

-Employ civility and decorum at all times
-Increase their market value
-Feel comfortable in any professional or social settings
-Build self-esteem and enhance leadership qualities
-Reduce stress and channel energy in a productive manner
-Be knowledgeable of professional competencies
-Attract and sustain meaningful relationships
-Leave a positive lasting impression

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